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Madden Mobile 17 New Review And Hopes

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madden mobile 17 guide

Madden Mobile To Get A New Upgrade Very Soon

Upgrades are an integral part of any application.  It usually brings in new features and technical solution faced in the previous versions.  The current version of the Madden mobile app has been on the market for quite some time now and has its fair share of popularity. The app auction houses have recently closed down indicating a soon to update. On downloading this update, you will find a host of new features to make the game more popular with people.

A wide receiver mode

The new upgrade will see some changes in the season mode. You can now play as wide receiver quite actively

  • After the update, you will get a chance as an active wild receiver. You can go through the quarterbacks and then choose the particular one that you want to control
  • You can run the free route on the ball snapping. To open and call for the ball, you have to swipe left or right.
  • Every player will be given an individual season score with the new update. The higher your player scores, the more chances you will have to get into the elite group.

Improved user interface

The new update sees a development in the user interface of the game. An upgrade to the already simple user interface is done to make the navigation experience friction less for the players.

  • You will notice the players moving into and out of the screen and various modes more prompt. The players will have more screen space available to them.
  • The appearance of the user interface has taken on a more stylish avatar to enhance the visual appeal. The new camera features said to be added range from time scale replays to pylon camera. This feature provides a new angle to visualizing the biggest moments in the game.
  • The upgrade will also include a commentary section. The commentary will help the players get and in depth analysis for their individual players as well as the team.

Spontaneous challenges for scoring points

Unique challenges are very popular in demand with the Madden mobile games. The special gameplay mode or madden mobile coin hack may helps increase the points and rewards for your team. The features of these challenges are given below:

  • These challenges can appear at any time during your plays. Head to head, intra-league or seasons, whenever these challenges come, you will be notified about them.
  • The challenges in the special mode include completions of an individual task to score. This task may be as simple as you scoring your first touchdown or a tad more difficult like throwing to a particular receiver within a given number of yards.
  • You will receive a special reward on the completion of each of the tasks. The rewards might vary from game coins and XP to a collectible for a set.

Matching the players

The kind of players you choose for your team will influence how your team fares in the face-off. You can show off the defensive player that you have earned on being challenged. The game is a three-dimensional play. You will get to see items while in the match. You have to tap on those items to make it visible. These things will benefit you if you choose them and will be a bonus for later in the game.

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