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SimCity Buildit Guide

With the emergence of mobile phones, everything is quite literally at the tip of our finger. All that we want and all that we need is just a tap away. The game is a form of relaxation, an entertaining form of diversion. An internet connection has become a must for everyone, but that does not mean that it is available all the time. There are situations where you just want to sit back and relax. It is not possible to have an internet connection all the time every day even when you want just to relax a bit.

The new developers EA have a solution to that problem. The new SimCity Buildit is a game based on building mechanism and strategy incorporation. Being a one of a kind game, it has an offline mode that lets you play the game even when line. It means that no internet does not equal to no mobile phone game anymore. The game comes with an interesting twist where you have to build your city alongside being the mayor of the same. Downloading a free game is easy. You can go to your designated app store and get hold of the game. You can find this app in the play store for android based phones and one the iStore for phones running on the iOS platform.

The basic simcity buildit cheats are simple.  You will take over the duty of a mayor for your very own city. Your work will be to build your city, and you can do that just the way you like it. Like the real world, your game will have citizens. Those citizens will have a need, catering to which is solely your responsibility. Like in the case of the real world, your city will also need basic structural amenities and relaxation arrangements. Fire Station, Police Station, and Pumping facilities represent the primary structural facilities required for a city to run. Similarly, parks, concert centers, and tourist spots make up for the relaxation facilities in your town.

However, it not enough to leave your city at just these facilities. Your city needs sewage pipelines, factory units as well as trade and transport to maintain the livelihood and trading of the city. All these things need to be placed away from the hustle bustle of the city so as to avoid any direct uncomforting situation to your citizens. Factories emit pollution but also provide with the manufacturing of new products. Hence, you cannot do away with them. What you need to keep in mind is to place them toward the end of the road so as to avoid any discomfort to your city and its people.

SimCity Buildit it provides with a high point of difference with its contemporaries. Graphically strong with a simple user interface, this game will test your architectural skill to a whole new level. Not only architecture skills but you also have to put to use your management skills to progress the game. You have to keep your citizens happy along with doing your functions perfectly. Thus, your work as a mayor is all encompassing. The latest transition from console-based to a mobile based app has already turned out to be a favorite for a lot of people, subjecting itself to raving reviews.

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